Plotting Guide


This website is for generating standard statistical graphics in R. The goal is to teach the user how to use basic Lattice skills through examples.

Alter and combine the code to have it fit your needs. There is no problem in repeating the same Variation(s) with different arguments within the same plot.

Please make sure to take a look at the Documents and Tips tab. It contains very useful information.

If you are wanting to print from this website, make sure the print setup is set to 'Landscape' instead of portrait.
Keeping the print setup in 'Portrait' is fine for printing code.

The site is optimized to be full screen on the ENGINE laptops


The structure of the website pages is set up into main areas:

Menu Bar

Documentation & Code

Example Picture


Choose a link above to get started. Make sure you look at the Data Sets tab to see what data is being used for the examples and how your data should be formatted. Don't forget to look at Documents and Tips.


If you are stumped on any of the R commands or do not know what is going on, please contact either Francois Mercier or Anthony Rossini.


Developed and Written by

Barret Schloerke

Sponsorship by

Francois Mercier

Input and Help From

Petr Baudis, Charlotte Castellan, Gregory Pinault, Tony Rossini, David James and Justin Wilkins